advantage construction group inc

There are a variety of projects you would choose us to help you with.

Some of these include:


  • Pepper Tree Removal     

  • Palmetto Removal

  • Dead Tree Removal

  • Pile Mulching

  • Habitat Restoration

  • Survey, Fence and Utility Line Clearing

  • Vegetation Control

  • Horse Trails

  • Site Preparation

  • Fire Prevention, Reduction of Fuel



Pepper Tree Removal


Here in South West Florida, there is an enormous amount of Brazilian Pepper trees growing invasively.  This un-native species of tree will often completely overrun an entire property if left unchecked.  Our process of mulching, or vegetation grinding, is hands down the most cost effective way of getting rid of the trees themselves.   After we are finished, the area can be mowed to keep the weeds and grasses at bay. 



Palmetto Removal


The Palmetto, or saw palmetto, is a native to Florida, low to the ground growing palm tree.  These trees, under healthy conditions, will grow between 4" to 6" per year.  They are often found in and around South Gulf Cove, Rotonda and the Port Charlotte area.  As well as in Venice and Arcadia.  These tree-plants can sometimes be a nuisance to property owners.  When heavily grown, they are untraversable to people and most large wildlife.  Grinding them with our vegetation mulcher will leave behind a flat, mowable area that will have a straw-like material left on the ground.



Dead Tree Removal


Dead trees can be very dangerous, and can be expensive to be removed and hauled away.  With our mulching machine, we can push the tree over in a desirable direction, and grind the entire tree to a fine mulch.  Completely eliminating the potential damage of a falling tree or branches.



Pile Mulching


Sometimes when a person clears land, whether it be by hand or machine, there is often a pile of debris left over.  We can grind large piles of branches and trunks to nothing but fine mulch.  It is surprising how a large pile of trees, branches and such, can reduce down to a flat pile of mulch.  This mulch can then be spread around for ground covering if desired.



Habitat Restoration


With our vegetation mulcher, we can grind up non-native trees and vegetation without harming the desirable trees.  Our machinery has low ground force technology so they will not hurt the roots of trees by operating the machinery close to them.  This is the ideal way to clear your land and make it manageable.



Survey, Fence and utility Line Clearing


We are used by our local utility companies, as well as landscapers, surveyors, realtors, etc., to clear paths for a variety of reasons.  Our vegetation mulchers do a wonderful job at opening up the land so equipment or people can get in there and get there job done.



Vegetation Control


Here at Advantage, we take great pride in the fact that we have a large clientele of regular customers that use us to maintain their land.  We have the right machinery and have very experienced operators that are excited about their work.  We are here to serve you.  And we will do what it takes to keep you coming back as well as telling your friends about us.  Thank you all for your support.



Horse Trails


Our mulchers grind everything to a fine mulch.  We can even grind into the top layers of soil.  Making it an ideal process for clearing paths for horses.  We can mulch everything on the ground so your horses will have a smooth, clean path to walk or run on.  No more stumps to worry about.



Site Preparation


We are a complete site work company.  We have the machinery to clear, grade, level, and prepare your land for building, agricultural use or simply just make it so you can walk around on it.



Fire Prevention, Fuel Reduction


Florida is a fire dependant eco system.  Before development of the state, wild fires would run across the land very often.  Burning the underbrush and small trees.  These fires would "open up" the land for new growth and help with wildlife migration.  When these fires happened frequently, which was often the case, they would not burn "hot enough" to damage large trees.  Now that we have developed this state, and do all we can to extinguish wild fires, there is often a large amount of underbrush and small trees growing when before there had not been.  And when this land burns, it often burns very hot, having disastrous results to the large mature trees. 


Mulching the land with our mulchers eliminates the underbrush that fuels these "hot" fires that destroy your trees.  We can run through your property with our mulchers and knock down this "fuel" with ease, protecting your valuable tree canopy in case of a wild fire.